I trust you are well aware of article directories by now; what they are, and the power that they provide you with as traffic and profit building sources. Thanks to the Internet, article directories have become ever so popular. They are essentially databases of articles, similar to what you can find in a newspaper, which can provide you with information on a very wide variety of products, services, businesses, events; they can even inform you on people themselves.

If you have read some of the other articles I have created myself, you will know that article writing and submission can be an effective medium for promoting your business, or any products or services that you provide or have the ability to sell. This article is mainly for those individuals who utilize articles as a means for promotion and those individuals who are generating an interest for article promotion.

So what exactly is a resource box? Well, it must be important since I have created this entire article around specifically that so; what they are is what you usually find at the end of an article that you read online. Most article directories have them at the bottom of the article, but some have them above, some even allow for a specific page designated primarily to the author’s information. The resource box usually informs the reader who has written and/or submitted the article and usually includes a link leading back to the author’s/submitter’s website.

Many people who write articles don’t realize the power that the resource box actually provides them with. They simply put their name, a website link, and possibly some copyright information to protect them and then believe they are finished with the resource box addition. But I urge you not to allow yourself to make this same mistake as it can have drastic effects on the amount of traffic you drive to your website!! Drastic Effects!

If a user reads your article and enjoys what they have read, they will be inclined to further research you the author to find products and services that you offer and see if you have any further articles that interest them. The resource box acts as the perfect place to meet their needs, now let me explain to you how you can optimize your resource box to meet the needs of your potential customers.

  1. Make sure you utilize the resource box in all of your articles otherwise your readers may not be able to know that you have written the article and would be discouraged to find out that they cannot follow up on the highly interesting article they have just read.
  2. Ensure that the link you provide in your resource box is in relation to what the article is about. You don’t want a highly effective article to lead your potential customers to your site that has nothing related to the content of the article, this just does not make sense. Think about this, if you read some interesting article on a specific model of car and you follow the resource box link only to find some website promoting acne care you would immediately close the website. But if that link directed you to a website that talked more about the model of car and where you can purchase such an item, then you would remain longer at the website, and possibly in the future come back to purchase.
  3. The resource box must be eye-catching just like the article is itself, in order to catch the attention and interest of the person reading your article. Just because the resource box is relatively small, you can still utilize effective keywords and content that readers are searching for to pull in the reader and lead them to your website. Are you aware of search engine optimization techniques such as keyword and content optimization? Don’t think that the resource box is an exception to this, use your techniques and create highly effective and eye catching resource boxes.
  4. Be creative in your content wording to make the most out of the small space you have available to you in your resource box.
  5. Do not mislead your readers. This is important. Make sure your resource box content remains relevant to the articles content. The last thing you want to do is lose the interest of the reader in the section that ultimately makes them a potential customer of yours as they visit your website. This can help build your credibility as an author and as an expert in the field.

Ultimately, what we have learned here is to utilize the full power that is the resource box. Sure, it is small, but it can be a very effective way to build awareness for your website and/or your products which can lead to ongoing profits from the customers you refer. Creativity as it is in many other cases is the key to successful resource box utilization.